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Sean Dague (
Tue, 1 May 2001 21:44:47 -0400

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I've been complaining a bit on the cooker list about the lack of inclusion
in Mandrake 8.0.  Hoping that I can lobby people to get it back into 8.1, as
they were generally pretty good about keeping it up to date.

If you use the Software Update tool in Mandrake 8.0, you can pull AfterStep
1.8.8 from the cooker archives as well.  This worked great for me today.


On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 07:29:11PM +0200, wrote:
> > I didn't notice this in the archives so I decided to post.
> >=20
> > Has anyone installed AfterStep on Mandrake 8? I was annoyed that it isn=
> > included in the package list, but oh well I can live with that. :)
> Yep. Installed it a couple of days ago.
> > Compiling and installation went fine but when I ran it, it started doing
> > odd things. None of the pixmaps seem to load properly, except the
> > background. (under XF86 4.0.3 3d support w/ATI Rage 128) nothing loaded=
> > Wharf nor any of the buttons defined for windows. libxpm seems to be fi=
> > since the background loads with no problems and I can view the images
> > through gqview. I checked paths under any config file that used a path =
> > everything checked out okay.
> >=20
> > I've done installs of AfterStep in the past with no problems whatsoever=
> > I'm clueless as to what this could be. When installing myself I'll
> > typically avoid rpm's so I haven't tried that yet.
> I had the exact same problems you describe here. The reason it turned out=
> was that even though I had specified during installation of Mandrake that=
> I wanted my computer to be a development install, almost none of the=20
> -devel-packages was installed.
> During Afterstep compilation the configure script looks for the=20
> header-files for jpeg, png and xpm libraries. These are in the=20
> -devel-packages. Install these packages from the Mandrake CD (1) and=20
> recompile Afterstep. (I don't have the CD right here, so I don't remember=
> exactly what packages, but look for libpng, libxpm and jpeg -devel-=20
> packages)
> Frank Ronny Larsen
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