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Sasha Vasko/OSCA/Courts/Judicial(
Wed, 2 May 2001 08:54:24 -0500

> ---------------
> I just recently got aFterstep working.  I'm using the latest version in
> rpm format from Mandrake 8
> Overall, I think its great!  I was wondering if you might answer a few
> quick questions, or if you could point on the best way for me to get
> answers to these:
> When I change desktops, there is a 2-3 second delay.  STDOUT (on the
> console where startx was run) gets a message Detecting Colordepth : 24,
> and the non_configurable/... look and feel file is loaded, buttons are
> updated, etc.  This doesn't seem right for it to take this long, the
> whole desktop is unasable during this transition.  Any suggestions? 
> Is it possible to make afterstep simply use the same configuration for
> all desktops and not realod them?

That is because you have it compiled with --enable-different-looknfeels.
In this mode AfterSTep uses different look/feel for each desktop, and when 
you switch desktops it has to reload look/feel from config files. If you 
to turn it off you have to rebuild AfterStep like so :

/configure --enable-differen-looknfeels=no; make; make install

> There is a command WindowsDesk -- that places a client ap to a desktop. 
> Is there a way to get similar functionality to place an ap to different
> a page on the current desktop?

There are no such thing as pages in the same sense as desktops - entire 
has contiuous space. therefore if you need to move window to 
"page" 2 1 on screen that has 1024x768 all you have to do is
MoveWindow to 2048 768

> Most annoying...  Is there a way to warp/circulate/alt-tab through
> windows on the current page only?   If the time problem (#1) above
> didn't happen I could see myself using several 1x1 different desktops to
> fix this problem. Alt-tab and alt-q are (in my feels fine) are mapped:

no there is no way to do that.

> Key Tab         A       M       ChangeWindowDown
> Key q         A       M       ChangeWindowUp
> I tried writeing function like this:
> Function "Push-to-Page7"
>       Iconify "I"
>       GotoPage "I" 0 3 
>       Iconify "I"
> but it didn't seem to work the way I wanted.
> Thanks!
> Jon
> stanford, CA


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