After Step on a LinuxMandrake system
Mon, 21 May 2001 15:08:12 +0200


Had the same problem on MDK8.0.  As an aside, I
find it odd that you had to install AS on MDK7.2, it
comes with the installation.  Look for a directory
named wmsessions.d (or wmsession.d) - sorry, can't
remember where to find this directory exactly.  You
can use locate or find to look for it.

There you will find files containing config options
for different WMs.  Copy one of them to the same
location, giving it the name nnAfterstep, where nn
is a number higher than the highest number you
find there (In mine it was 08Sawfish so I did cp 
08Sawfish 09Afterstep).

Next thing you need to do is get in as root with KDE
as your session.  From there look for the KDE control
center and look for the Login Manager there.  Add
a new entry into the session list, call it Afterstep.
(This is needed because MDK uses KDM as the login

Save your changes then logout.  Hopefully, the new KDM
screen will then present you with the AS option.

Hope this helps.

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