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James (
Tue, 29 May 2001 19:41:43 +0100 (BST)

Today, Wrote:

# 2) set of buttons in Wharf resembles X windows of the early 90s - couple
# terms,
# Xeyes and a clock. More comprehensive set has to be defined, with,
# possibly,
# unavailable items being removed at compile time by configure script. That
# should
# also include folder of buttons to launch editor for any AfterStep config
# file.

Related to this, the GUI that AS uses looks a little 'old'. It's done using
pure XLib so people with non-linux machines can run it, isn't it?

It's just I have several different theme configs on my machine now:


And getting a consistent look is quite a challenge. Although Bill Gates
will be world leader before I switch to another window manager. The ability
to boot X in under 10 seconds is nice :)

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