Re: How to retrieve(expand) withdrawn wharf?

Johannes Tanzler (
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 02:09:05 +0200

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001, Kota Imaizumi wrote:
> I have just installed Afterstep to debian (potato).
> Installing itselfwent fine and everything seems to be working okay, 
> but now I am wondering how to expand the Wharf which was withdrawn by
> right clicking. Right click, left click, double click... neither works.
> Afterstep ver 1.6.10_1.2

I also use Debian potato and I had the same troubles until I compiled
and installed Afterstep 1.8.8 by hand.

In my experience, you can't expand the Wharf by right click (in Afterstep
1.6) if the tile left on the screen contains a swallowed application like
the pager or a clock.  So just rearrange your icons and let a 'normal'
button be the first tile.

BTW: My Debian 2.2r2 system contains all the libs required to compile
Afterstep 1.8.8. I recommend you to do so (not to mention that you can
use all the good-looking themes from then (and yes,
the site is alive again)).

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