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James (
Wed, 27 Jun 2001 23:15:47 +0100 (BST)

Is there a way to re-arrange the icons for iconified windows? What I mean
is by default the icons go in a neat little row on one side of the screen.
If I don't move them around they stay there and sort themselves out when
I restore their windows.

If I move an icon (I drag my mouse by accident or something) it nolonger
shuffles down the row of icons, instead it stays where it is and other
icons can lie on top of it. The only way I've found to fix this is to
close the offending window.

Is there some sort of 'rearrange icons' option? Or something to stop
the icons being moved in the first place? Some option that moves all the
icons for minimised windows down to the icon box...

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