Wharf, Session Management

Johannes Tanzler (jtanzler@yline.com)
Sat, 30 Jun 2001 20:50:34 +0200


I use Afterstep 1.8.8 and I've two questions:

1. Wharf:  In my look-file, I use "BackPixmap 129" in the "*WharfTile"
   section to get a transparent background. Well, it works, but the
   result is not 'real' transparency, i.e., when there's a window close
   to Wharf and I open a folder, the part of Wharf, which overlaps the 
   window, doesn't have the window and its contents as its background,
   but the parts of the background pixmap which would be there, if there
   were no window... (hope you understand). Is there a way to get 'real'

2. When I logout Afterstep while I have some applications running, the
   apps are restarted automatically when I start X the next time. This
   kind of session management is actually a nice feature, but how can I
   turn it off?.

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