Invitation to

Chris Gauch (
Wed, 04 Jul 2001 14:13:07 -0400

This is not an advertisement or a promotion, but rather a service to any Mac
users out there...

I have recently been developing a Mac-Focused web site,

Hopefully the site will eventually become a popular resource for Macintosh
users in addition to other computer users as well.  MactoMac also will focus
on Mac OS X as well as other technical Macintosh issues.  The site includes
a full-blown message board, accessible from the menu or at

It's a brand-new site, and not quite public yet.  I know that most of you
are very technically-minded, so any feedback from AfterStep users would be
great.  Feel free to post the feedback directly on the message board.
Anyone who has a little free-time and is interested in becoming a moderator
on the message forums, especially in the "X-Server on Mac OS X", please
e-mail me.  

Anyhow, this is just an invitation to take a look.  Please don't feel
obligated to give feedback, and even if you don't like Apple, Macs, or the
Mac OS, this site might still interest you.  Thanks.

- Chris 


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