Re: Wharf, Session Management

James (
Wed, 4 Jul 2001 19:04:17 +0100 (BST)

Yesterday, David Mihm Wrote:

# > I've created a 64x64 transparent XPM using the Gimp; unfortunately, it
# > still doesn't work.
# Real transparency does not exist in X, you can get pseudo transparency by the
# following method:
# 	1) edit a look
# 	2) add under 'MyStyle "*WharfTile"' 'BackPixmap 128 a_transparent.jpg'
# 	3) select this look from menu
# 	4) you have a pseudo transparent Wharf

Would you really want true transparency? If you dragged a window under the
wharf you'd see bits of the window mix into the icons on the Wharf which'd
look really weird.

The same with transparent terminals. Seeing the background picture is
quite cool, but seeing other windows would make it impossible to work out
what text went in which window (imagine a stack of terminal windows).

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