Re: Wharf, Session Management
Thu, 5 Jul 2001 09:37:29 +0100 (BST)

> Would you really want true transparency? If you dragged a window under the
> wharf you'd see bits of the window mix into the icons on the Wharf which'd
> look really weird.

that's exactly what i've got. well /i/ like it <grin>. to be fair, though,
i don't usually have windows under the wharf.

which leads me to another question; how would i go about setting up a
hotkey that would hide/show the wharf and pager, for those irritating
programs like staroffice and blender that fullscreen themselves?

i've monkeyed with my feel file, and i can set up a hotkey to hide a
window, but it seems to hide the current one; i can't associate it to a
specific. and when i do hide them, because i've disabled the titlebars, i
need to restart the session to get them back.

any ideas?


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