Re: Wharf, Session Management
Thu, 05 Jul 2001 10:02:48 -0400

Yea, this USED to work for me (when I used XEARTH), but when I switched 
to XPLANET, it quit!  Now, the "transparent" background of each icon 
correctly shows the background produced by xplanet, but the full square 
of the icon is clickable and windows are covered up by the full square 
of the icon.  With xearth, the icons were "truly transparent" and only 
the visible part of the icon was clickable.  This allowed windows to 
appear BEHIND the icons, which is what I think this guy and I want! 
If anyone could tell me the difference between xearth and xplanet, which 
might cause this, that would probably solve the issue.

Jim Turner wrote:
> > Would you really want true transparency? If you dragged a window under the
> > wharf you'd see bits of the window mix into the icons on the Wharf which'd
> > look really weird.
> that's exactly what i've got. well /i/ like it <grin>. to be fair, though,
> i don't usually have windows under the wharf.
> which leads me to another question; how would i go about setting up a
> hotkey that would hide/show the wharf and pager, for those irritating
> programs like staroffice and blender that fullscreen themselves?
> i've monkeyed with my feel file, and i can set up a hotkey to hide a
> window, but it seems to hide the current one; i can't associate it to a
> specific. and when i do hide them, because i've disabled the titlebars, i
> need to restart the session to get them back.
> any ideas?
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> ru
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