Re: Hiding warf and pager

David Mihm (
Thu, 5 Jul 2001 10:42:32 -0500 (CDT)

Today Leonard Nutley mumbles:

> It's in the startmenu ( for 1.8.1 at least )
> Start->Modules->Pager
> and
> Start->Modules->Stop->Stop_Pager
> Dunno how (not worried about) putting
> the command into a hotkey, but hope
> this gets ya started.

While this is one method for "hiding" these apps, it is actually exiting them
and then restarting them; which is far from a desirable solutionwhen you want
to switch desktops back and forth.

What the original poster is wanting to do is to actually not have these apps
"on top".  The simple solution for this is to edit your ~/G/L/A/database file
and remove the "StaysOnTop" entry for each app.  Read the afterstep man page
under "CONFIGURATION OPTIONS - database" entry for more details.

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