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Wed, 11 Jul 2001 11:53:13 -0500 (CDT)

On Jul 3 peter benci mumbles:

> hi
> is there a way to import the menu from KDE to AS?

Were you able to get this working using importasmenu?  The script is not that
well written as it only goes to a depth of 1, forcing you to run this script
on every directory individually.  You could edit the script and remove the
"-maxdepth 1" from under the "# processing KDE entries" or run it on every
directory containing the *.kdelnk files.  Your best bet is to do a :
  find / -type f -name "*.kdelnk" >~/kdelnk.files
then open an editor with that file (~/kdelnk.files) and take each directory
entry to create an importasmenu line.  For instance if the file returned
several .kdelnk files in /usr/share/applnk/System/ and in
/usr/share/applnk/Applications/, I would then run the following :
  importasmenu /usr/share/applnk/System  \
  importasmenu /usr/share/applnk/Applications \

The script needs to be rewritten to use the directory structure that the
kdelnk files are in to create the AS directory (ergo menu) structure to place
these new menu entries into.

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