Re: Drag & Drop?
Wed, 11 Jul 2001 19:08:32 -0400 wrote:
> Today mumbles:
> > Does anyone have a WORKING example Wharf configuration of an app which
> > you can drag a file onto, drop it, and launch it with the file?  Also,
> > example(s) of app(s) which let you drag a file to Wharf to launch?  I
> > would love to be able to use Wharf with drag&drop, but haven't figured
> > out any way to get it to work.
> The default wharf in the share tree has a working example :
>     *Wharf nil nil DropExec "gimp" ee %s &
>     *Wharf gimp Paint.xpm Exec "image" gimp &
This does NOT seem to work for me -- I have tried:

*Wharf nil nil DropExec "-" netscape %s &
*Wharf Netscape Exec "-" netscape &

*Wharf Netscape DropExec "" /opt/netscape/netscape %s &
*Wharf Netscape Exec "" /opt/netscape/netscape &

to no avail.  I have used the (now defunct?) kfm, and even "ASFiles", neither 
work.  I would be particularly interested in an Offix-compatable file-manager,
if anyone knows of a good one?  Old KFM USED to work with AS-1.66, but I now 
use AS-1.8, and KFM appears to have been replaced by "Konqueror", which does 
not support DnD or icons outside of it's window, at least not outside of KDE :(
Any other ideas?


> One thing that must be noted is that only Offix drag and drop is supported,
> this means that gnome/kde aren't - unless they use Offix.
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