First Public beta relase of libAfterImage and libAfterBase

Sasha Vasko/OSCA/Courts/Judicial(
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 11:06:03 -0500

This is to let you know that AfterStep i no longer being developed!

Just kidding :)

In fact I'm proud to present the result of last 4 month of hard work ...
<drumbeat >
..  - the AfterStep's own Image Handling Library. 
<more drumbeat,cheerings of the crowd, fireworks, jazz playing>

As there've been alot of noise about font Antialiasing, image alphablending 
and other 
useless fancy things, the decision has been made to put AfterStep on top of 
the trend.

libAfterImage will be an integral part of the AfterStep and also can be 
used as a stand alone library,
similar to ImLib. In upcoming month it will be integrated into development 
AS, delivering an incredible amount
and power of imageing features, while sugnificantly speeding things up and 
reducing memory utilization.

Please see features list as well as other documentation at:

Why another library you may ask ? Why not just use ImLib or something 

Well, IMHO ImLib is a piece of overbloated garbadge, full of shitty code 
and useless features, 
while at the same time having quite unconvinient inner workings, imposing 
unneeded restrictions 
on application design.

On the other side libAfterImage is about 2.5 times smaller, while providing 
more needed features 
and no unneeded features, it is extremely flexible and extensible, fits 
nicely in AfterStep design and 
configuration approach, and is suspected to be faster, althou I don't have 
any concrete figures to 
substantiate this assumption. It supports about 11 different file formats, 
including things like Gimp's XCF,
and internal XPM parser. It provides superior quality of image 
transformations and 
output on X drawables. It allows for antialiasing of both TrueType and 
standard X fonts. 
See screenshots to make your own judgement.

One of the reasons behind this public release is to attract more 
developers, and at last provide 
decent imaging solution to the world.

Please feel free to submit your comments, suggestions, etc.

At the end I'd like to thank you all for your continued support.

/me bows.

>From the AfterStep team
Sasha Vasko, developer.

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