Re: First Public beta relase of libAfterImage and libAfterBase

Sean Dague (
Thu, 12 Jul 2001 22:21:09 -0400

Excellent work Sasha!  The whole library looks really cool.

Can't wait to see AfterStep 1.9 starting to sit on top of that.


On Thu, Jul 12, 2001 at 11:06:03AM -0500, Sasha Vasko/OSCA/Courts/Judicial wrote:
> This is to let you know that AfterStep i no longer being developed!
> Just kidding :)
> In fact I'm proud to present the result of last 4 month of hard work ...
> <drumbeat >
> ..  - the AfterStep's own Image Handling Library. 
> <more drumbeat,cheerings of the crowd, fireworks, jazz playing>
> As there've been alot of noise about font Antialiasing, image alphablending 
> and other 
> useless fancy things, the decision has been made to put AfterStep on top of 
> the trend.
> libAfterImage will be an integral part of the AfterStep and also can be 
> used as a stand alone library,
> similar to ImLib. In upcoming month it will be integrated into development 
> AS, delivering an incredible amount
> and power of imageing features, while sugnificantly speeding things up and 
> reducing memory utilization.
> Please see features list as well as other documentation at: 
> Why another library you may ask ? Why not just use ImLib or something 
> similar.
> Well, IMHO ImLib is a piece of overbloated garbadge, full of shitty code 
> and useless features, 
> while at the same time having quite unconvinient inner workings, imposing 
> unneeded restrictions 
> on application design.
> On the other side libAfterImage is about 2.5 times smaller, while providing 
> more needed features 
> and no unneeded features, it is extremely flexible and extensible, fits 
> nicely in AfterStep design and 
> configuration approach, and is suspected to be faster, althou I don't have 
> any concrete figures to 
> substantiate this assumption. It supports about 11 different file formats, 
> including things like Gimp's XCF,
> and internal XPM parser. It provides superior quality of image 
> transformations and 
> output on X drawables. It allows for antialiasing of both TrueType and 
> standard X fonts. 
> See screenshots to make your own judgement.
> One of the reasons behind this public release is to attract more 
> developers, and at last provide 
> decent imaging solution to the world.
> Please feel free to submit your comments, suggestions, etc.
> At the end I'd like to thank you all for your continued support.
> /me bows.
> >From the AfterStep team
> Sasha Vasko, developer.
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