Re: #afterstep IRC channel policy

James (
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 17:44:32 +0100 (BST)

Today, Sasha Vasko/OSCA/Courts/Judicial Wrote:

# >>      Okay, not that I'm absolutely right in this, but today, as came
# >> on #afterstep and asked a question without saying hi. I said something
# >> to the effect of "You can also say hi." which I thought would've been
# >> curteous. At which point he started being a wiseass, asking me if I was

It is curteous, but some people's minds don't work like that. We don't all
say 'Hello' when writing email, it's just a personal thing.

The person who didn't say 'hi' shouldn't have continued with any funny
remarks or anything though. If he'd ignored the comment this probably wouldn't
have happened.

# >> feeling neglected, to which I asked if he was feeling stupid, and then
# >> he greeted me, asked me how I was doing, how the wife and kids were,
# >> etc. All that in one line which was obviously a joke. Since I wasn't
# >> appreciating the joke at all, I called him a friggin moron. He said he

OK, calling people morons doesn't help anything. Randomly insulting people
is dumb. If I was an op he'd be kicked out with a warning.

# >>      And then about an hour later, WavePoet and ish both get on my
# >> case, saying I've got no right to do that, etc. etc. etc. After some
# >> pointless arguing, WavePoet banned me, which I don't really care about,

Whoever wrote this deserved to be banned, and the fact whoever it is doesn't
really care about being banned shows the decision was probably correct.

# > Well, looking at the log of what have happended, you indeed was wrong,
# and
# > unwilling to admit that.
# >
# > Both WavePoet and ish went to a great length to explain why exactly you
# > were wrong, and only after you've asked THEM to part the channel, you
# > indeed was banned. Have to admit that I would do the same in that
# situation.

I wouldn't have banned him/her/it, a simple /kick would probably have worked

# > Getting at ppl for not saying hi, despite the fact that they indeed ask
# > relevant question is very, very bad, and only drives ppl away. We've had
# > not just one precedent, when such a behaviour drove potential
# contributors
# > away.

This is true. The person who asked the question might have been in a hurry,
or wasn't from a culture where it is necessary to greet everyone all the

# Please feel free to comment on that.

There you go, my 0.02+VAT :-)

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