Re: Aterm, Rxvt, Xterm...

irb (
Tue, 24 Jul 2001 11:31:50 -0700

* ^(o,o)^ Turk2000 ( [010724 11:26]:
> Hi All!
>   I'm noticing that Aterm, Rxvt, Xterm
> never display the title bar in spite of
> I had put the following row in afterstep
> start menu configure file:
> Exec "AfterStep terminal" exec aterm -geometry 80x25 -tr -tint pink -sh 60
> -bg black -fg white -cr gold -pr green -fn 10x20 -title "Server C3POPOV" &
> but they show the current directory, ie:
> turk2000@linux: /home/groups/INTRANET/turk2000
> rather than
> Server C3POPOV
> Why?

This most likely has to do with your shell; look in your shell startup
files (either in /etc or in your home dir). What is happening is that
your shell is setting the terminal title for you, so your Xterm will
start with a title of "Server C3POPOV" but then BASH will change it.

If you have difficulty finding where the title is being set, telling us
what distro you're using might help narrow it down.

> Sorry, for my bad English.

No prob.

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