Re: Bug in AfterStep version 1.8.9 shade feature
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 10:52:17 -0500

Thanks alot. I'll include it into upcoming 1.8.10 release.


> On earlier versions of AfterStep I use to disable in source
> code the Shade "feature" :-) of animating the window
> scrolling up into the title bar.
> I've not been using AfterStep for quite a while now, and
> just started again recently. In going into the source I
> noticed that the problem had been fixed, and it was now
> a user configurable option in an AfterStep config file.
> In playing around with ShadeAnimationSteps, I set it
> too high in my AfterStep feel file and it locked
> up on Shade. Looking at the source code I found that
> this condition was checked for in several places, but
> two places were missed.
> Here is the patch for the 1.8.9 source code:

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