Re: Iconbox
Fri, 17 Aug 2001 08:40:39 -0500

> Can I completely remove the iconbox from Afterstep?
> I use the GNOME taskmanager applet instead, and don't want to see the
> icons for all my iconified windows.
> Or is this not possible due to the way X works (doesn't each program with
> a window have to always have at least one window on the desktop?)

YOu can edit your default style in ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/database
and add NoIcon to it. Like so :

Style    "*"   NoIcon

Also go through the rest of the entries and
change all the Icon "filename" ones into NoIcon.

Alternatively you can try and request IconBox outside of the screen
boundaries in your Look config :

IconBox  10000 10000 15000 15000

Althou first solution is better, since it does not waste resources on
icons and icon windows.


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