Re: Sloppy Focus

Mon, 20 Aug 2001 18:33:16 +0200

On 20010820 17:03 (Monday), Theo Bierman wrote:
> Hi all, decided to switch from wmaker to afterstep

Welcome among us :-)
I'm sure you'll be very pleased with AfterStep.

> Also, I can't alt+tab between windows, I thought I had uncommented 
> the appropriate lines in the feel.* files but obviously not.

Those settings are to be found in your "feels" file :


The needed settings are the following :
AutoReverse 0
Key Tab         A       M       WarpFore
Key q           A       M       WarpBack

Note : 
Once you have modified a feel (or a look) file, be sure to have it
reload with the menu :
Desktop -> Feel -> yourFeels.conf
You get the menu by clicking in the root window.

By the way I would appreciate to know if there is a command-line-way to 
reload the look n' feel. Does anyone knows howto have the command-line
way ????


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