Want follow-focus, not sloppy-focus (?)

Don MacQueen (macq@home.com)
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 21:05:56 -0700

After trying four or five different window managers for use with 
XFree86/XDarwin on Mac OS X I think I've settled on AfterStep. But 
there's one aspect of window focus I'd like to ask about.

Suppose I have two windows,  A and B. The lower left corner of B is 
on top of the upper right corner of A. A has focus, and the mouse is 
in the lower left corner of A (any part of A that isn't covered by B).

When I first start AfterStep, if I move the mouse from A to the part 
of B that is on top of A, focus switches to B like I expect it to. 
But, sometime later this changes, and focus won't switch to B until I 
move the mouse to a part of B that is _not_ over A. This doesn't make 
sense, especially the fact that the behavior changes.

How is it _supposed_ to work?

My feels file includes these:
# Click on titlebar to raise window (ie put it in the foreground)
# Focus on window until pointer gets in another one

Key F10         A       N       PopUp "0"
Key F11         WI      N       Iconify
Key F12         W       N       RaiseLower

Don MacQueen
California, USA
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