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David Mihm (
Sun, 30 Sep 2001 08:29:56 -0500 (CDT)

On Sep 29 spoke:

> Well, I solved that problem. The problem was that I was trying to compile
> it in the shell server, not in the pc itself. Now I uncovered more problems
>  :P
> It seems xdm or kdm or i-dont-know-what is trying to run
> /usr/sbin/AfterStep 1.7 which was the old version instead of my
> $HOME/AfterStep/bin/afterstep This is a major pain in the ass, because
> I tried and edited .xinitrc, .XDefaults , .XDefaults-something and all
> types of .files, but with no success. It seems to me, from my personal
> experience and from reading the mailing lists that running AfterStep
> under some stupid xdm is hard as hell. Is there a default
> procedure/FAQ/RTFM for this? People I know and whom I introduce AS all
> complain from this. It is REALLY a major drawback for someone trying AS.

You want to create a file called .xsession in you home directory.  This
is all explained in the man xdm/kdm page!  In this ~/.xsession file, you
would add the "exec /local/path/to/non-root-installed/afterstep", then
make the .xsession file +x.

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