RE: Re: Want follow-focus, not sloppy-focus (?)
Mon, 01 Oct 2001 17:45:26 -0400

I use "Click-to-focus" and have whined about this before, but I think 
my problem is related -- *MOST* of the time when I click anywhere 
on a non-focused window, it gets the focus and moves to the front (as I 
would expect), but *SOMETIMES* (and this is very agravating when you click 
and start to type only to find out your typing is going into a different 
window! :(  ) the newly clicked window moves to the front, but the 
PREVIOUSLY-FOCUSED window KEEPS the keyboard focus.  To correct this, I 
must click on the TITLE bar to get the new window to take the keyboard.
Could this be related?  I use Afterstep almost exclusively, but have 
never noticed it in another window-manager (and M$-Windows NEVER does 

Jim Turner

Don MacQueen <> wrote:

>I can't reproduce it at will, but I'm not sure that it's random 
>either. If anything,
>it happens after a while. That is, not when I first start AS, but 
>sometime later.
>I'm pretty sure it happened with other window managers also, such as 
>twm, fvwm2,
>icewm. So maybe it's a problem with the X11 server. I don't know.
>At 7:20 AM +0100 9/28/01, James wrote:
>>Hello Don MacQueen. It was Yesterday when you wrote:
>>| When I first start AfterStep, if I move the mouse from A to the part
>>| of B that is on top of A, focus switches to B like I expect it to.
>>| But, sometime later this changes, and focus won't switch to B until I
>>| move the mouse to a part of B that is _not_ over A. This doesn't make
>>| sense, especially the fact that the behavior changes.
>>Does this happen totally at random, and is something you can't
>>reproduce when you want it to?
>>I've noticed a similar thing with most versions of AS I've ever used.
>>99% of the time moving from one window to another will raise the second
>>window and give it focus, however sometimes the window doesn't raise,
>>it just gets focus and I have to move off it and then back on before it
>>gets raised.
>>If this is a real bug, and not something to do with my installation,
>>it'll probably be something to do with the way AS won't immediately
>>raise a window if a new one pops up over part of it (like the 
>>Netscape download
>>windows. When one appears, it remains on the top even if your mouse
>>isn't over it - which is correct). Then again I've not looked at the AS
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