Re: looking for lpd monitor wharfable AS applet

Etienne Herlent (
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 18:07:50 +0200

C'est le 16/10/01 à 11:00 -0700, que Geoff Burling m'écrivait:
>Hi Etienne --


>Just a preliminary report on your applet. I downloaded it, & can report that
>it compiles & appears to work on Linux for i86 processor. (Well, to be
>precise, kernel 2.2.18 on dual PII 400Mhz with AfterStep 1.8.9.)

yah !

>I say
>``appears" because I'm still fiddling with it in order to understand how
>it works & how to write the configuration file.

there is an example in the readme file. You just have to have a ~/.aslpmon
file with lines :

one line for one queue.
In the next version, it will be a little more complicated but with more

>I found what appears to be a minor bug, though. When I run ``aslpmon -h",
>it returns (with other things):
>17/06/99  Release 1.0 beta2
>Copyright (C) 1999  Sam Hawker <>
>Shouldn't that be YOUR name on the second line?

Yes, you are right. I have forgotten to update this. Lot of code come from
wmmount and aspbm because I don't know X11 programming. It's written in the
readme file and in the source files. Thanks to open source and GPL.

Thank you for your report.
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