enquiry about your flash content from Director of PlasmaNet UK, ref.

David Mihm (dmihm@rchitecture.com)
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:52:27 -0500 (CDT)

What this world really needs is a Slap-O-Matic, in the line of
Gallagar's Sledge-O-Matic.  This would be intergral with all monitors
and be a mechanism which would reach out and slab the living daylights
out of someone which sent mails like the one included below.  I get this
type of crap daily which normally I ignore, but this one is just so
ignorant I had to make note of it to the list.  I also replied to it. :)
My reply is as follows:

  I would love to handle the flash for your site!  I will beat anyone's
  rate and I have had over 5 years of flash design experience.  Please
  contact me at your earliest convienence.

Anyone who has taken the time to visit our web site knows we don't use
flash _anywhere_ on the site.  I have no idea how to do flash nor have I
ever done any flash. :)  But I plan on doing everything I can to land
this job as a flash designer!  I will of course donate any retainer I
receive to the American Red Cross.

Back to our regular scheduled sanity ....

| d a v i d  @  m i h m
| webmaster  @  afterstep.org

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 15:38:56 +0100
From: mark_hopgood@plasmanet-uk.com
To: WebMaster@AfterStep.org
Subject: enquiry about your flash content from Director of PlasmaNet UK,
     ref. AfterStep.org MHOD-53LKGC

 information for the web manager/designer at AfterStep.org
     from Mark Hopgood, director of PlasmaNet UK

Dear AfterStep.org

Do you provide your own flash design for your website?

We are looking for flash designers for our software and are
wondering if you could help us locate one?

Would you be able to put us in touch with your flash designer.

Many thanks
Mark Hopgood

PlasmaNet UK
(the trading name of Dominotion Ltd)
40 Bradbourne Road
TN13 3PY
United Kingdom
08700 747 757 (UK)


-----------thank you for your time, this is the end of communication ref
MHOD-53LKGC ----------

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