Function syntax?
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 15:59:37 -0500


    I am trying to set up a title-button function which will 
move the window on "Motion" and pop up a defined window on "click".
In my "feel" file, I have it defined like so:

Function "Move_Or_PopupFn"
        Move              "Motion"
        PopUp "Window"    "Click"
Mouse 1         1       A       Function "Move_Or_PopupFn"

    I have tried this and several other arrangements, ie. 
"PopUp Window"   "Click",
PopUP       "Click" "Window",

etc., but nothing works.  The "Move" part works fine, but not the "Click" 
part.  I have another, similar function like this:

Function "Resize_Or_NextFn"
        Resize             "Motion"
        ChangeWindowDown  "Click"

which also does not work, but changing "ChangeWindowDown" to "Iconify" 
or something else works as expected.  The problem seems to be in using "ChangeWindow*" or "PopUp" in functions.  Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?  I am reloading my "feel" and restarted afterstep.

Thanks in advance!

Jim Turner

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