libAfterImage 0.90 released
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 23:30:46 -0500

Greeting AfterStep users.

I'm happy to annonce that we've released fresh new version of libAfterImage - 
new image backend for development AfterStep.

Althou development AfterStep is some distance away still, this library 
represents rather completed and quite usefull piece of software.  Apart from 
being much better solution for image handling due to its superior quality of 
output it also delivers some value to non-developer users. 

It includes several sample applications, such as asview image viewer, asscale,
asmerge and ascompose. I'd like to attract you attention that this last one 
is nothing but  very powerfull XML scripting tool for image manipulation. The 
great thing about it is that it can be used for automating process of 
graphics generation of web sites. That was actually main purpose of it all 
along, and I'm greatefull to allanon for developing it. Since library's 
license has been changed to LGPL and its been moidified to allow for 
operation without X Window system, it is a perfect tool for anybody messing 
around with web sites.

It may seems strange for some that there are no compileable AfterStep so far, 
and it depresses me too, but I'd like to note that most of the work done 
nowdays is on the AfterStep itself ( since backend libraries are mor eor less 
complete ) so something interesting should show up sometime soon. Of course 
the fact that I work on it alone sugnificantly slows things dow, but we are 
making progress. At the same time I'm working on visual configuration tool 
for AfterStep (called asclook ), so that such tool will appear at the same 
time as new AfterStep.

I thank you for your continuing interest in AfterStep.

Sasha Vasko
on behalf of AS development team. 

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