Re: dual-head, but not Xinerama
Sun, 14 Oct 2001 23:16:49 -0500

On Saturday 13 October 2001 18:23, you wrote:
> Afterstep 1.8.10 says it won't put new windows across the two screens,
> if you're running Xinerama.
> Can it do this if you've got dualhead, but not Xinerama? I've got a
> Geforce 2mx400 card, which doesn't use Xinerama, with two screens, and
> AS keeps sticking stuff across the join.
> I suppose it might be tricky since X only sees one large screen,
> doesn't it? There'd need to be some sort of config that told AS what
> size screens you had, so it could work out where to not put things.

It is not possible to place windows between screens nor move window from 
screen to screen unless you run Xinerama. That is fundamental limitation of 
X.  Since you say that you are able to do that, yet you don't run Xinerama - 
then the only possibility I see is that Your drivers emulate one huge screen 
on low level, so that even X sees it as single screen. In that case it is not 
possible to detect such mode, nor work with it on AfterStep level.

Try configuring your drivers to not do that, and use Xinerama instead.

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