Desktop strangeness

Stelios Bounanos (
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 15:59:29 +0000

Hello all,

Does anyone know what causes the following behaviour with Gnome
and Afterstep as the window manager?

i) Start mozilla, say in desk 0/page 0.

ii) Open a new mozilla window from the kb, switch to some page X on desk 1
before the new win comes up (on my machine this is easy enough to do ;)

iii) The view is switched back to desktop 0 and the new window is
displayed on page X of that.

This happens with pretty much all gnome programs I use, which is a bit
annoying when they create dialog windows and such. I can also get
other, non-gnome, non-gtk X programs (e.g., gv) to do the same if I
move them to another desk by stick->switch->unstick. And I've also
tried running just afterstep with the default config as another user -
same results.

All of this on a current debian/unstable, which has Gnome 1.4 & Afterstep 1.8.8.

TIA for any ideas whatsoever :)



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