Re: Desktop strangeness
Mon, 5 Nov 2001 17:08:24 +0000 (GMT)

well, i don't know about gnome as i don't use it (although i do have gtk),
but mozilla have been giving my some strange behaviour

i have two mozilla windows, one in desk 0/page 0 another in desk 1/page 1.
suppose i am working in desk 1.

now, *sometimes* if i spawn a new window (javascript popup, dialog box,
or Ctl-N) in desk 1/page 1, the view switches to desk 0/page 1 and the
window opens there.

this seems to happen if the window in desk 1 has previously been lowered,
and it can indeed be prevented if i raise the wondow before opening the
new one (even if it's the only one on the screen).

i've only noticed this with mozilla, as it tends to be the only app i run
frequently that spans multiple desks, but i can be very aggravating,
especially as i'm a web designer and this often entails having a dozen
windows on different desks, all being raised and lowered quite a lot.

multizilla helps, but it only does so much!

> Does anyone know what causes the following behaviour with Gnome
> and Afterstep as the window manager?
> i) Start mozilla, say in desk 0/page 0.
> ii) Open a new mozilla window from the kb, switch to some page X on desk 1
> before the new win comes up (on my machine this is easy enough to do ;)
> iii) The view is switched back to desktop 0 and the new window is
> displayed on page X of that.
> This happens with pretty much all gnome programs I use, which is a bit
> annoying when they create dialog windows and such. I can also get
> other, non-gnome, non-gtk X programs (e.g., gv) to do the same if I
> move them to another desk by stick->switch->unstick. And I've also
> tried running just afterstep with the default config as another user -
> same results.
> All of this on a current debian/unstable, which has Gnome 1.4 & Afterstep 1.8.8.
> TIA for any ideas whatsoever :)
> Rgds,
> /-sb.


irrational? i biscuit!

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