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On Nov 6 Doug Alcorn relayed from who asks:

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> Subject: AfterStep root menu

> I'm just setting up AfterStep under AIX4.3 to run on a networked PC via
> Xwindows. I wanted to use this one as I used NextStep quite extensively a
> few years ago.

> It runs fine but I've lost access to the root menu. Once it was all running
> I was browsing around and selected Gnome from the root menu and now I can't
> get to the menu. When I click on the background nothing happens.

> Any suggestions?

Here's a novel idea, how about another mouse button? :)  Seriously, the Gnome
feel changes the mouse bindings since Gnome itself uses the left mouse
button for it's menus.  AfterStep has changed it's menu to button number 2,
aka the middle one.  If you only have two mouse buttons, then depress both
left and right at the same time; if you only have one mouse button, then you
need to search elsewhere for how to get a middle click (shift, or control I

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