window cycling with icons disabled?

Greg Norris (
Sun, 2 Dec 2001 15:22:46 -0600

I've been playing around with Gnome recently, and it seemed like a good
idea to disable icons since minimized programs get listed in the panel
anyway.  So I added `Style "*" NoIcon' to G/L/A/database, and restarted
Afterstep... so far, so good.  What I've noticed is that cycling
through windows via Alt-Tab works for only one round, and hangs at the
point where it reaches the minimized (iconless) program.  In other
words, it doesn't wrap around and continue cycling.

Is this normal behaviour?  Do I need to make additional configuration
changes in order to make this work?  Or perhaps I'm simply nuts for
wanting to do this in the first place! <g>
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