pager background (was: Re: xglobe as background)

Moritz W. Schmitt (
Fri, 7 Dec 2001 12:58:57 +0100

> > I'd like to use xglobe as my background. asetroot manages 
> > my backgrounds, so I looked into the config file and the 
> > man page. The config file just gives an example how to pass 
> > parameters to the default application xli. And the man page 
> > just tells me what the default is and that I got to change 
> > it if I want to use something else. But how do I change the 
> > defautl value? The man page seems to be broken at the part 
> > and I have no clue how to do it. So, anybody could help me 
> > out?

> afaik asetroot only handles switching background images (even 
> if using external commands for that task), to run a program in 
> the root window, you would have to disable asetroot and run the 
> program from somewhere else (autoexec?).

Even though asetroot can handle running programs in the root 
window I decided to set it from autoconf. But than another 
question came up: How can I change the background color of 
the pager module. Right now it just takes the background color
of xglobe but that's black. And with a black background it's 
kind of hard to see the objects in the pager... Anybody?


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