CLick-to-focus problem when clicking in window content area

Marc MacIntyre (
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 08:31:44 -0800

Runnig AS1.8.8 on a Mandrake install with a 2.4.2-15 kernel.

I find that click to focus won't work with the content area - I
am forced to click on a window's title or border - after I open more than
one window (or maybe it's after the first one I close - not sure what
causes it).

Here are the relevant commands in my feel:

	Function "Move-or-Top"
		Move            "Motion"
		Raise        "DoubleClick"
		Raise        "Click"

	Function "Move-or-Iconify"
        Move            "Motion"
		Iconify         "Click"

	Mouse 1         TFS       A       Function "Move-or-Top"
	Mouse 2         T       A       Resize
	Mouse 3         T       A       RaiseLower
	# Icons
	Mouse 0         I       A       Function "Move-or-Iconify"

I thought that changing my mouse 1 binding from TFS to A would work,
but that breaks my ability to select text for cut-and-paste.

I'm not sure why this broke - it worked before...


Marc MacIntyre

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