Re: Xinerama-aware maximise

James (
Tue, 11 Dec 2001 22:50:59 +0000 (GMT)

[2001-12-11 03:47 -0600] Sasha Vasko wrote:

| You should be looking at Maximize() function in src/afterstep/functions.c
| Information about Xinerama screens should be already present in
| Scr.xinerama_screens_num and Scr.xinerama_screens - basically just an array
| of reactangles - one for each screen. You should find one that corresponds to
| frame_x, frame_y, frame_width, frame_height of the window and then use it as
| maximize area instead of MyDisplayWidth/MyDisplayHeight.

OK, sounds fairly straight-forward. I'll have a go. Now the latest
NVIDIA drivers support bits of Xinerama, there's no need to include
that patch I submitted, AS does the right thing now anyway. It's a
shame GNOME doesn't... the logout box still appears slap in the middle
of my screens.

| Send me a unified diff when you done :
| diff -Nur afterstep-old afterstep-new
| should be sufficient.

What's the 'proper' way to do a diff? Am I supposed to have two copies
of all the source (say 'afterstep-stable', 'afterstep-stable.original') and
then diff both trees together, or should I just copy the files I alter
to '.orig' and diff those. Or doesn't it matter?

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