Re: More Man Page Patches

Sasha Vasko (
Wed, 12 Dec 2001 12:41:36 -0600

On Wednesday 12 December 2001 19:20, you wrote:
> These go against the man pages for Audio, Pager, Wharf, WinList
> & Zharf. And there are still errors or bugs in the man pages . . .
> <mode=trying not to rant>
> Yesterday, when I pointed out that there was a problem with the
> documented switches to Tile, I thought this was probably due to the
> fact that the Tile module doesn't seem to see much use -- if any --
> & that a little QA'ing would fix an embarassing but otherwise
> minor bug.
> However, after spending a few hours comparing what is stated in
> the man pages with what usage() reports, & looking at the source
> code for the 19 modules & the afterstep binary, I have found that
> things have gotten seriously out of sync. At some points the man
> page is correct, at other points what usage() reports is correct,
> & at still others one has to read the source code -- even when the
> source code *should* conform to what the man page says.
> As long as I'm not stepping on anyone's toes here, what I'd like to
> do is play janitor & clean this part of the code up. It looks to
> me that someone tried to make usage() compliant with what the
> GNU standard is for command line interfaces (section 18, if you're
> curious) with a quick sed insert, but didn't go back & confirm that
> the --help|-h, --version|-v, -f switches *actually* worked.

All applied to CVS. Keep them coming :)

> I'm not claiming that I'm a C programming guru; just an unemployed
> QA guy who wants to help make AfterStep a better application.

Really appreciate this :) Althou sorry to hear about unemployment :(

> Geoff

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