Re: Embarassing Bug in Tile Module

Christof (
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 23:27:21 +0100

On Tue, Dec 11, 2001 at 02:42:08PM -0800, Geoff Burling wrote:
> While I was reviewing the man pages for AfterStep, I found the
> following inconsistency.
> The man page provides this example for how to use the Tile module:
> > This invocation will horizontally tile windows with a bounding box which
> > starts at 10 by 10 percent into and down the screen and ends at 90 by 90
> > percent into and down the screen.  Tile -h 10 10 90 90
> But when I tried the example at a prompt, this is what was returned:
> [geoff@joan AfterStep]$ Tile -h 10 10 90 90
> Usage:
> Tile [--version] [--help] [-u] [-t] [-a] [-r] [-m] [-s] [-noraise]
>      [-desk] [-flatx] [-flaty] [-resize] [-nostretch] [-incx value]
>      [-incy value] [xoffset yoffset maxwidth maxheight]
> Hmm. Not good, & what is worse, no one has ever used this module.
> (Otherwise someone would have pointed this out.)

Aha, i dont use it. All aplications i run are lunched from
.workspace where i have them with -geometry option. This file is sourced
from autoexec. And with addiction of database file, applications are
launched where i want. Though i'd want an option to start them in
background - i mean e.g. afterstep doesnt switch desk when the
aplication is started in another one (though it would be placed there) -
it would be nice option to database file. 
And beside this some programs have not -geometry option (mozilla) so i
thougt if i could use Tile. Really Tile -h show options not
mentioned in man page ([-flatx] [-flaty] [-incx value] [-incy value]).
And there is a bug - when invoked from startmenu, Tile  resizes aplication
beyond the borders of tile box. Works fine from command line or wharf.
I think there could be other bugs e.g. with yoffset maxheight....

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