Re: Xinerama-aware backgrounds

Sasha Vasko (
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 00:36:07 -0600

On Thursday 03 January 2002 10:14, James wrote:
> Is there some program I can use to set the background image on my X
> desktop that understands Xinerama? What I want is to be able to set
> individual screens to have different pictures (or the same picture, but
> not stretched across both screens).

in AS 1.8.10 asetroot is xinerama-aware - it will scale background to the 
size of the first screen. If you want different backgrounds on screens within 
the same desktop - then create an image with gimp or libAfterImage by 
attaching two different images of proper sizes together. Unfortunately you 
cannot expect asetroot to tile two different images of screens, since they 
belong to single window and only one background can be set for the window.

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