Re: CVS Build Question

Sasha Vasko (
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 10:23:18 -0600

Geoff Burling wrote:

> Tonight I tried to compile the current snapshot of AfterStep, only to
> get upwards of a thousand lines of warnings & error messages.
> I suspect that the problem lies in the fact I'm currently using an
> older version of XFree, 3.3.5. (I'm in the process of updating to
> 4.1.0.) Can I safely assume that this version of XFree is no longer
> supported? Or would someone like a copy of make's output?

Yep, there is that problem. Last night I tried to compile as-stable on 
my old powerPC that runs some centuries old RedHat-based mkLinux, and 
I've gotten tons of errors/warnings. Interestingly enough as-devel 
compiled fine, at least libraries portion of it :).
I belive it could be fixed rather easily, but its kinda low on my 
priorities right now, so if you'd like to go and fix it I'll happily 
apply the patch. Basically what you need is to take very first error and 
go and check X headers agains what is attempted to be used from AS.
I think culprit is in several structures, like VisualInfo, etc. and 
maybe you'll need to include additional headers in some places.

> Geoff


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