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I've done this before with Afterstep v1.0. Its been a long time since I've
done it and unfortunately don't recall which file I had to update. I never
made a patch for it. Sorry I can't help you there. I guess the only thing I
can tell you is that, yes it is possible and that you do have to change the
source to do it.


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Hello List

First: I love Afterstep and use it everywhere possible... :-)

Question: Right now I have set SmartPlacement and RandomPlacement. But
unfortunately this places small windows to the right of other windows. I
would love this behaviour to change to put new windows under (not
behind!) other windows. Maybe ASCII-Art will help understanding me...

---------------- ---------------
| First Window | |  New Window |    <- Default behaviour
---------------- ---------------

But I would like

| First Window |
|  New Window | 

So. Is this possible or do I have to change the source? It seems to me,
that maybe only two loops have to be changed. But before I take a look I
better ask if this allready is possible. :-)

btw: I use AfterStep version 1.8.7.


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