Re: WinList AutoHide

OneWay (
Wed, 13 Feb 2002 21:45:27 +0000

Christof wrote:

>OneWay <> writes:
>>I trun on AutoHide, but WinList bar cannot autohide.
>>Are my parameters correctly ?
>># Geometries, unhidden WinList
>>*WinListGeometry 1024x14+0+0
>># hidden WinList
>>*WinListHideGeometry 1024x2+0+0
>>*WinListAutoHide 1
>Maybe is it a bug?
>I have:
>*WinListAutoHide 0 (i dont want hidden list)
>is ok, but with:
>WinList apears hidden on the start...
Of cause, when you mark comment WinListUseIconNames, WinList start hidden.
Ah ah, you can have WinList auto-hide with value 0 ?
Do you compile your AS with source ?
I do it under Debian.

I remember when I used AS 1.4.x under RedHat with RPM package a few 
years ago, WinList has have no problem with auto-hide.


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