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Bartosz Wucke (
Thu, 14 Feb 2002 00:41:15 +0100

Christof wrote:

> Bartosz Wucke <> writes:


>>(and if it's a small popup like "password" it's really annoying
>>to look for them using winlist all the time.)
> Have you tried ~/G/L/A/database ?

Can I set properties for specific kinds of windows within one application? 
Like, open standard Mozilla window with default (SmartPlacement) method, while 
its failure popups, password requests or similar javascript-generated 
annoyances to be placed with ManualPlacement?

>>may find amusing, but I prefer to use option names that mean more than
>>-sr, -n, -sb or -fade. (for now my aterm alias is 2 lines long too, but
>>I hope it could change?)
> You can do it in your ~/.Xdefaults

Okay, that is a serious method to avoid too long commandlines, but it's still 
not the afterstep'ish method of configuration. Different style, different 
location than all the rest... It works but it's not elegant. (therefore may be 
added on the far end of the TO-DO list ;)

								B. Wucke

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