Weird time-related bug thing

James (
Thu, 14 Mar 2002 21:02:33 +0000

I just noticed my PC's clock was wrong, so I went to a terminal window
and typed


and it set my clock to the correct time.

However, from then on I couldn't move the keyboard focus from off the
terminal window that I'd typed that command in. I've got a terminal
with BitchX in and one with Mutt in. Moving the mouse over one of those 
brought it forwards, but the keyboard input went to the terminal I ran
ntpdate from. It wasn't just terminal-based things, the keyboard focus
wouldn't move off that window at all.

Everything else carried on normally.

I used the AS menu to restart the current session, and it went back to

Is there any reason for this? It's completely reproducable - just set
your clock back 5 minutes while X and AS are running and see.

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