Re: random aterm tinting

kaymm2 (
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 22:35:29 -0700

> wrote:
> > How do you get aterm to cycle through using different tints (red,
> > blue, yellow) etc with each instance of aterm?  In Eterm you can do it
> > with %random(red, blue, yellow).  

I found a program at freshmeat called Randomise (ver 0.0.0).  Compiled it
and put it in my /bin directory.  I created a directory full of files
named after the colors I wanted to use in my tinting.  Do a "touch red
green blue yellow purple" in a directory.  

I then created a bash script with the following:

aterm -tint `basename $(find ~/.aterm -type f | randomise)`

the program, randomise, will randomize the files found in ~/.aterm and
choose one of the files you touched.  basename strips the preceding
useless directory path info and then you have just the name of the color. 
aterm will then tint with that color.    Works great.  

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