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Christian B. Wiik (
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 13:09:21 +0200

["M.-A. DARCHE" <>]
> On 2002-04-11 11:53 (Thursday), kaymm2 wrote:
>> 	How do you get the wharf to swallow a dockapp that was not started by the
>> wharf config file?  Like when I launch Licq, it has a dockapp but the
>> wharf doesn't seem to swallow it.  
> I'm not sure it's possible.
> Anyone to confirm ?

It's possible, but you will have an empty space in the Wharf until you
start Licq, and you can't restart Licq and get the next one
swallowed. Much better to start Licq in the Wharf config file, and
just restart the Wharf if you need to restart Licq.

The Window Manager name of the dockapp is "LicqWharf". This is what
the Wharf looks for, so I guess a:
"*Wharf Licq - Swallow "LicqWharf""
will grab the first dockapp it sees.

But, personally i prefer my:
"*Wharf Licq - Swallow "licq" licq -d 0 -o /dev/null &"

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