Re: + AfterStep : wharf problem

Sat, 13 Apr 2002 17:13:18 +0200

On 2002-04-07 12:13 (Sunday), Andrew Ferguson wrote:
> It may be trying to go into a "docked" or "withdrawn" mode in order to dock 
> with the Window Maker dock.

Sorry for the late answer, I hadn't time to look and test before.

And you were RIGHT Andrew, really thanks a lot.

In I had to comment all the following lines (not just the one
about the initial_state)
   wmHints.initial_state = WithdrawnState;
   wmHints.icon_window = mIconWin;
   wmHints.icon_x = 0;
   wmHints.icon_y = 0;
   wmHints.window_group = mAppWin;
   wmHints.flags = StateHint | IconWindowHint | IconPositionHint | WindowGroupHint;
   XSetWMHints(mDisplay, mAppWin, &wmHints);

So I can now use this applet I love in my most beloved AS.

> I'm fairly certain AS apps don't use this, but 
> I haven't looked to carefully in a while.

So, should/could AS have code to cope with this XSetWMHints call ?
Anyway, even if AS doesn't honor those requests, it shouldn't blank the

Well, can one call it a bug report ? ;-)


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