Re: + AfterStep : wharf problem

Sun, 7 Apr 2002 14:58:55 +0200

On 2002-04-06 13:51 (Saturday), David Mihm wrote:
> The name that follows Swallow must be the "window-name" (WM_NAME) , as the
> man page for Wharf states, for the program.  My guess is that this would be
> "Mixer", but you should check by running Ident or some similar identifing
> app on it.

Hello David,

I also use the Ident program to get window names. 

As for Ident's relevant info are the following :

Icone Name:
Class:		Mixer_app
Resource:	mixer_app

I did try every of those names.

But anyway the Wharf _does_ swallow the applet. But the applet just
appears for 1 second and then turns black. And the Mixer process is
still up and running nicely. It seems to be more of an update/repaint

That tends to make me think that either or AfterStep is not
behaving correctly in this case.

Maybe the solution is to look at's code and figure out what
could be possibly wrong with it. I don't have the programming knowledge
of writing windowmaker or AS applet, but if someone could give me hints
to what kind of problem this (little) code could have, I would give it a


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