Re: + AfterStep : wharf problem

Andrew Ferguson (
Sun, 7 Apr 2002 12:13:00 -0400

On Sun, 07 Apr 2002 08:58:55 M.-A. DARCHE wrote:
> That tends to make me think that either or AfterStep is not
> behaving correctly in this case.
> Maybe the solution is to look at's code and figure out what
> could be possibly wrong with it. I don't have the programming knowledge
> of writing windowmaker or AS applet, but if someone could give me hints
> to what kind of problem this (little) code could have, I would give it a
> try.

It may be trying to go into a "docked" or "withdrawn" mode in order to dock 
with the Window Maker dock. I'm fairly certain AS apps don't use this, but I 
haven't looked to carefully in a while.
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