Re: WinList AutoHide doesn't work

Geoff Burling (
Tue, 7 May 2002 12:07:20 -0700 (PDT)

On 6 May 2002, Federico Ariza wrote:

> Hi:
> I'm starting with AfterStep, I use the version that cames with debian
> woody 1.8.11-4. And I like it very much, but still two things that I
> couldn't do and those are:
> -- I love have a winlist but I love also to have a full view of my
> windows (including the titlebar), I use the directive
> *WinListAutoHide 1 in my ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep/winlist but it
> doesn't work, (I have StaysOnTop in the database file). the winlist just
> always stays on top it doesn't hide!.

Odd. I got this to work in the past (was it under 1.8.10?), but I can't
reproduce the steps. As a work-around, do what I do for this very purpose:
to hide the WinList, press the alt+h buttons together; to unhide, move
the cursor over WinList's location.
> --The second will solve the first (if it is possible) and is: When I
> maximize a window it sometimes goes under the wharf and/or the winlist
> and again I love to have a full view of my windows. I don't know how to
> set up the some parameters that say to all windows (no matter what
> program that window came from) wich is the space to maximize, and in
> this way to avoid the problem of windows and (winlist and wharf)
> overlaping. sometimes is only the scrollbar in the window that get under
> wharf, but is in that moment (morphy laws) when I want to use the
> scrollbar.

What I do is to add specific settings in the database file for each
application like so:

Style   "Image Viewer*" DefaultGeometry 674x590+0+39

(The entry "Image Viewer*" is based on the either the class name Ident
reports, or the WM_CLASS atom xprop reports for the window.)
This is useful for applications built with the Gtk+ widget set that do
not respect the standard X flag ``--geometry".

As an additional hint, you can get the Wharf to shrink down to a single
button by clicking with the right mouse button on any box. To restore it
to it's former size, right click again on the remaining box.
> I know maybe are some simply and stupid litle things in my configuration
> files, but I read as much as I could and I didn't find something like
> this (maybe is under my nose)
Well, I have some time again, so maybe I can improve the man pages &
other documentation a little more. (I gave a presentation on customizing
X last Thursday night where folks actually PAID MONEY to see my AfterStep
desktop. And some say there is no money in Free Software.)


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